This website is a home to several decades of my (ie Dinah Murray’s) work; owing to my chaotic nature not all of it can be traced to its origins. The earliest theory work, from the ’80s, laid down the grounds for thinking that an Interest model of mind is a good way to make sense of ideas like relevance and meaning and communication, as I showed in my PhD (UCL linguistics, 1986). Interest theory predicts huge human diversity and allowed me to form an idea about autism in 1990/91 as a distinctive pattern of interest with more energy/ interest/ processing resource for the leading interest at any moment and less to everything else. From that idea, many practical implications followed – and life experiences occurred: these led me to be a human rights campaigner in the realm of learning disabilities as well as autism. Implications extend well beyond autism to an egalitarian understanding of humans of every sort.

“Everything passes, everything changes

Just do what you think you should do”

Bob Dylan, Ramona

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Very impressed. Glad the new air has given rise to much productivity.
    Glad you won’t let your wisdom wash away with time but passing it on.


  2. So much wisdom and insight Dinah. Thanks for coming into my life last year after I first encountered you lecturing on the Birmingham uni Autism Adults course circa 1999


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