Experiencing Life

Art … a positive necessity of life about autistic artist Ferenc Virag. I will be posting more of his work here, meanwhile here is some art he produced in the mid 90s.


Here is a less theory oriented interview Paul Wady did with me not long ago

And here’s a little bit of performance art Paul Wady recorded in 2014 with Kafka in mind

From Autism Stories, Interview with an emphasis on implications of theory for understanding autism https://anchor.fm/autism-personal-coach/episodes/Autism-Stories-Dinah-Murray-eee281

Autism Stories: Demi Rivera Autism Stories

“I personally am not an eye contact person. So, when I'm working with my clients it's nice that neither of us have that expectation that we have to make eye contact, we have to shake each others' hand, we have to have small talk. Realistically, we don't have to do that. We're both very comfortable with each other, and that alone has made it easier to work in my career because I know I am understood by my clients,” says Demi Rivera. Demi joins this episode to discuss running a hair salon that supports neurodivergent minds and what she does to make sure her business is inclusive. To learn more about Demi and Talking Hairs visit https://linktr.ee/talking_hairs. If you could subscribe on your favorite listening platform we would really appreciate that. If you are looking for extraordinary support support to live self-sufficient and purpose-driven lives through customized coaching then visit https://www.autismpersonalcoach.com. If you would be interested in being interviewed on Autism Stories or would like to be a sponsor send an email to doug.blecher@autismpersonalcoach.com.
  1. Autism Stories: Demi Rivera
  2. Autism Stories: Elizabeth Bonker
  3. Autism Stories: Izabelle Azevedo
  4. Autism Stories: Taylor Heaton
  5. Autism Stories: Marianne Eloise

Something About Us (a film edited by Jes Benstock)

Wrong Planet Syndrome

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