Experiencing Life

Art … a positive necessity of life about autistic artist Ferenc Virag. I will be posting more of his work here, meanwhile here is some art he produced in the mid 90s.


Here is a less theory oriented interview Paul Wady did with me not long ago

And here’s a little bit of performance art Paul Wady recorded in 2014 with Kafka in mind

From Autism Stories, Interview with an emphasis on implications of theory for understanding autism https://anchor.fm/autism-personal-coach/episodes/Autism-Stories-Dinah-Murray-eee281

Autism Stories: AJ Link Autism Stories

“Actively recruiting disabled attorneys,  those different ways of problem solving and approaching situations can be really helpful in cases and litigation. Having those different perspectives can be so vital to your business,” says AJ Link. AJ joins us to talk about neurodiverse attorneys and the value they bring to any law firm.  To learn more about AJ and the National Disabled Law Students Association: https://ndlsa.org/ To be updated on the latest Autism Stories episode subscribe on your favorite podcast listening platform. If you could give us a positive rating and review on your favorite listening platform we would really appreciate that. Looking for coaching to reduce the overwhelm or to find purpose in your lives then schedule an intake meeting with Autism Personal Coach https://calendly.com/autimspersonalcoach/60min?month=2020-10
  1. Autism Stories: AJ Link
  2. Autism Stories: Nicodemus and Janelle Harding
  3. Autism Stories: Bill Clifton Tole
  4. Autism Stories: Hunter Hansen
  5. Autism Stories: Becca Lory Hector


https://www.researchgate.net/publication/339663564_Wrong_Planet_Syndrome (April 2001)

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