Experiencing Life

Art … a positive necessity of life about autistic artist Ferenc Virag. I will be posting more of his work here, meanwhile here is some art he produced in the mid 90s. http://www.larry-arnold.net/Autonomy/index.php/autonomy/article/view/AR6 Here is a less theory oriented interview Paul Wady did with me not long ago From Autism Stories, Interview with an emphasisContinue reading “Experiencing Life”

Exploring Theory

Most of Dinah’s published research is available on Research Gate. From Playing A/part – Kent Uni 2019 – I speak between 1:10 – 15:56. 2018 definition of monotropism from Volkmar Encyclopedia of Autism; here is the 2020 version of same in the Encyclopedia (not open access). Attention, monotropism and the diagnostic criteria for autism: Murray,Continue reading “Exploring Theory”